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Theater Camp 2023

Title: Theater Camp 2023
Genres: 2023 Movies | Comedy
IMDB Rating: 7.3/10
Quality: HD
Language: English
Directors: Molly Gordon,Nick Lieberman
Writer: Noah Galvin, Molly Gordon, Nick Lieberman
Stars: Ben Platt, Molly Gordon, Noah Galvin
Synopsis: The movie is essentially a well curated collection of 1,000 jokes about theatregoers of all ages that are then supported by a tenuous but reliable narrative. There are so many funny jokes about the love of putting on a show and the common star attitude that I think the one that made me laugh the loudest was about the slinky Fosse youngsters of the camp. And it’s crucial that any humour used to describe this generation of young creatives always comes from the heart. Even as their excessively dependent connection begins to crumble, Gordon and Platt have tremendous chemistry together and reserve the more caustic jokes about failed Juilliard hopes for themselves. A self-aware Platt poking fun of the notion of a self-serious actor with so much self-awareness makes for his best character film to date. You can enjoy comedy movies and many more movies on our Moviesjoy Stream.