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Ip Man: The Awakening 2022

Title: Ip Man: The Awakening 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action
IMDB Rating: 4.5/10
Quality: HD
Language: English
Directors: Li Xi Jie, Zhang Zhu Lin
Writer: Li Xi Jie, Zhang Zhu Lin
Stars: Guan-Ying Chen, Hao Yan Fei, Miao Xie
Synopsis: With the adventure of Bruce Lee’s Sifu reaching its tenth entry, the saga of the IP Man has become a never-ending one, not to mention that this trend has already started to be called an explosion. This time the role of the iconic Wing Chun Master has been taken over by Miu Zhe, an emerging Wing Chun expert. Let’s see what he looks like. A young master visits Hong Kong from Foshan in the IP30s, despite being quite sophisticated and self-assured at the time, he later turned out to be a good and perfectly good man. Upon his arrival, he encounters a series of attempts by a group of Chinese men to abduct a woman inside a bus. The IP man stops them and beats them up, resulting in him meeting the girl’s brother, Hu Bufeng, a man who works as a porter, but at the first sign of corruption in the city, with the local British police. Also belongs. . As time goes on and IP Man Hu becomes very friendly with Bufeng and his sister, he also stumbles upon the ring of human trafficking run by Westerners in the area aimed at young women who are being bribed. Is supported by the police, and even the natives who have chosen. This disgusting “effort” to get more money. Inevitably, he will have to defeat them all before he can become a hero to his people again. New 4K audio-video quality latest Hollywood movies are now available to stream online for free with Moviesjoy on iPhones and Laptops.