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Fool Me Once: Season 1 2024

Title: Fool Me Once: Season 1 2024
Directors: David Moore
Writers: Harlan Coben, Daniel Brocklehurst
Cast: Samuel Glyde-Rees, Edward Harper-Jones, James Northcote
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Rating: 7.1/10
Synopsis: He learns he’s going to have a mate in the Joe Burkett case. His mate is going to be Marty McGregor who says he’s supposed to be teaming up. They visit the scene of the attack. Marty knows she’s a kind of whistleblower. Kierce tells Marty what Maya said about seeing her dead hubby. He wonders if she’s trying to claim diminished responsibility. Maya calls Charlie to see if he has seen Izabella. He thinks she’s at the house on the grounds. They say hello to Daniel Walker. When they go outside, Maya sees boxes and remembers commodities from the once including a headstone for Claire Walker. Eddie Walker agrees to keep an eye on Lily for Maya for a while. Maya tells Abby she’ll come and see her moment. She learns that Eddie is going to be driving Abby indeed though he’s drinking. Eddie insists it isn’t a big deal since it’s only one drink. Maya offers to take the boxes out. If you are interested in latest English Films and TV Shows, then come to our site Moviejoy.