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The Witch Part 2 The Other One 2022

Title: The Witch Part 2 The Other One 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Mystery
IMDB Rating: 5.4/10
Quality: HD
Language: English
Directors: Park Hoon-jung
Writer: Park Hoon-jung
Stars: Cynthia, Min-soo Jo, Kim Da-Mi
Synopsis: Labeled as a South Korean mystery-action-horror film, The Witch 2: The Other is a sequel to 2018’s The Witch: Subversion, both of which involve children being genetically engineered to act as weapons. explores a different spin on the concept. Like the first film, The Other is written and directed by Park Hoon-Jung (writer and director) and finds a world where said child weapons are part of a top-secret program. Known as the witch program. Subjects who survive the program are granted super strength, super speed, telekinetic abilities, a healing factor, and the inability to die unless shot in the head. In Subversion, Kim Da-mi stars as Koo Ja Yoon, a young woman who runs away from a facility to a farm where she was raised by her adoptive parents. Suffering from amnesia regarding her history and presumed dead, Koo Ja Yoon’s past returns when, after revealing her special ability during a local singing competition, a group of four powerful sorcerers reunites her. Another instead follows a nameless girl who is considered to be on the same level as Koo Ja Yoon, as portrayed by Shin Si-ah, who is known as Arc after appearing twice in the witch program. Goes out of the facility. HD Hollywood Movies are available on JoyMovies, you can enjoy them without any payments and ads too.