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The Railway Children Return 2022

Title: The Railway Children Return 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Adventure, Drama, Family
IMDB Rating: 5.7/10
Quality: HD
Language: English
Directors: Morgan Matthews
Writer: Daniel Brocklehurst, Jemma Rodgers
Stars: Jenny Agutter, John Bradley, Sheridan Smith
Synopsis: When Lily (Beau Gadsdon) tells the others and plans to hide Abe (KJ Aikens) in the house, Thomas (Austin Haynes) initially insists that they tell the adults the truth. Lily immediately shoots him down and calls him out on his ignorance of the realities of the world, revealing that their father was also killed in the battle. Thomas agrees to let Abe live in the closet in his bedroom. That evening, the family is visited by their uncle Walter who works at the War Office. The next day, Lily takes Abe to the station to catch a train to Liverpool, but they are spotted on the way. Thomas provides a diversion to let them board the train but is captured by American soldiers. Further along the line, the train is intercepted by the US Army and both Abe and Lilly are taken into custody. When confronted by Thomas on the matter, Anne reveals that her father has been captured by enemy forces, but is alive. When he tells Walter everything, his uncle reveals that an American supply train will be passing by soon. Thomas rallies Patty, Ted, and the rest of the local and outcast children to make banners warning the train to stop. They successfully intercept the train, with Abe and Lily aboard, and Abe reveals the truth to his commanding officers while the children call them out on their actions. The highest-ranking official orders Abe’s release, and after staying with the family for a few days, Abe leaves for home, promising to write to Lily before he leaves. Thomas’ father eventually returns home, while the siblings return to their mother three months later. There are so many movies on Moviesjoy Comedy,& Adventure, Drama, and the collection that can be enjoyed with Family.