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The Lady of Heaven 2021

Title: The Lady of Heaven 2021
Genres: 2021 Movies | Action, Drama, History
IMDB Rating: 9.7/10
Quality: HD
Language: English
Directors: Eli King
Writer: Sheikh Al-Habib
Stars: Dimitri Andreas, Denise Black, Lucas Bond
Synopsis: The narrative of The Lady of Heaven 2021 is based on a genuine incident that occurred 1400 years ago. Sheikh Al-Habib wrote the screenplay for this film, which was directed by Eli King. The film opens with Laith Lanrawi (Gabriel Cartade) witnessing her mother’s death at the hands of jihadists. Following this accident, he was adopted by an Iraqi soldier. He, too, lived with his mother, Bibi (Denise Black). He is now living with them, and Bibi used to tell him the Lady Fatima narrative. Fatima Lanrawi (Albane Courtois) was the Prophet Muhammad’s daughter and the first terrorist victim. Laith learned via her stories that the virtue of patience is powerful and vital to everyone. With the assistance of this film, you will be able to witness a historical event unfolding in front of your eyes. You would like to watch many latest Moviesjoy Horror as well as Historical event-based films in HD.