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The Casagrandes Movie 2024

Title: The Casagrandes Movie 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Animation, Adventure, Comedy
IMDB Rating: 5.9/10
Quality: HD
Language: English
Directors : Miguel Puga
Writers : Lalo Alcaraz, Rosemary Contreras, Tony Gama-Lobo
Stars: Izabella Alvarez, Sergio Aragonés, Angélica Aragón
Synopsis: Ronnie Anne is finally celebrating her 12th birthday during summer vacation! She plans to spend the day at an exciting new Xtreme skate park with her best friend, Sid. However, her family has a surprise in store for her back home. They have decided to embark on a long drive to Japunda, Mexico, Mama Lupe’s hometown, to participate in the vibrant New Fire Festival. Along the way, they discover the rich culture of Michoacán and learn about an ancient legend featuring a preteen demigod. As the story unfolds, Ronnie Anne forms a friendship with the demigoddess, leading to a series of chaotic events. The animation in this show is incredibly detailed, with impressive depth, lighting, shadows, and vibrant colors. The characters, including Ronnie Anne and her Casagrande/Santiago family, remain true to their loving personalities. The fictional Mexican town of Japunda is beautifully depicted, showcasing its stunning landscapes, pyramids, temples, and enchanting passages. The humor in the show has its ups and downs, and the action scenes, featuring some 2D animation, are thrilling. Additionally, there are a few hidden Easter eggs sprinkled throughout the series for fans to discover. Browse full HD Hollywood Films and TV Serials then visit Only on Movie Joy website.