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Strip Down, Rise Up 2021

Title: Strip Down, Rise Up 2021
Genres: 2021 Movies | Documentary
IMDB Rating: 4.9/10
Quality: HD
Language: English
Directors: Michèle Ohayon
Writer: Michèle Ohayon
Stars: Amy Bond, Jenyne Butterfly, Genellyn Driver
Synopsis: Strip Down, Rise Up 2021 is about the idea that how an erotic body and pole dance can heal women. There are women of all ages and traditions who have become sound through sensual and pole dance. Sheila Kelley who is also a part of this movie has a dance studio S Factor. She has helped women reclaiming themselves by teaching dance and erotic dance. The movie is directed and written by Michèle Ohayon, who was also nominated for Academy Award. On the Moviesjoy website, many other Documentary Hollywood movies are streaming online, enjoy them too.