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Stowaway 2022

Title: Stowaway 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Thriller
IMDB Rating: 3.0/10
Quality: HD
Language: English
Directors: Declan Whitebloom
Writer: Ian Hayden
Stars: Ruby Rose, Frank Grillo, Patrick Schwarzenegger
Synopsis: Bella Denton (Ruby Rose), an innocent and determined young woman whose street smarts have led her far into a life of petty crime and partying. When Bella’s estranged father, Arthur Denton (Major Dodge), dies unexpectedly, he leaves her a boat as a parting present. To come to terms with her new-found happiness, Bella spends a night of luxury with her love interest Michael (Patrick Schwarzenegger) on his new yacht. Unfortunately, the three criminals have other plans for it. Bella must find a way to escape and outwit the three thieves who have commandeered her yacht to enjoy her new livelihood. Declan Whitebloom’s directorial debut comes when a novice film director is handed an underdeveloped script. The feature lacks any sort of visual appeal and contains questionable moments that don’t make sense for the progression of the story. While it has a lot of potential, Stowaway 2022 doesn’t quite live up to it. The cast is good, the narrative is easy to follow, and the story contains some of the typical, but fun, tropes that are prevalent in heist movies. But many options do not work in this feature. For one, some sequences have very poor lighting at all the wrong moments. At times, it becomes a distraction and takes away from the building plot established by the screenplay. New Movies Joy Stream platform is the best website to enjoy related thriller films.