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Squid Game VIPS S01 E07

Title: Squid Game VIPS S01 E07
Genres: 2021 TV Show | Action, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
IMDB Rating: 8.0/10
Quality: HD
Language: English
Directors: Hwang Dong-hyuk
Writer: Hwang Dong-hyuk
Stars: Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Oh Yeong-su
Synopsis: VIPS is a highly appealing title for the seventh episode. On IMDB, this segment has an 8.0/10 rating. You will witness a fantastic twist in this. Masked Leader has greeted the secret and VIP visitors in the fifth level of the game. By watching them, all of them who had progressed to this point were anxious. When put under pressure, several of the players snapped and quit. So you have to figure out what was going to happen at this point. Who were those dignitaries? What was their function in this stage? So many questions, and the only way to find out is to watch this episode. Variety of 2021, 2020, and many other Hollywood movies are available to watch online on Moviesjoy Website.