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Secret Society of Second Born Royals 2020

Title: Secret Society of Second Born Royals 2020
Genres: 2020 Movies | Action, Adventure, Comedy
IMDB Rating: 6.6/10
Quality: HD
Language: English
Director: Anna Mastro
Writers: Alex Litvak, Andrew Green
Stars: Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Niles Fitch, Isabella Blake-Thomas
Synopsis: Secret Society of Second Born Royals 2020 movie is here to watch online on this website. The film revolves around the secondborn of royalty, the second children who, although they are not the heirs, are destined to protect the throne. Among these descendants is Sam, a rebellious teenage girl who has incredible powers that she needs to learn to control. For this reason, she enters a boarding school together with other young people, who also have royal DNA. In this secret boarding school, Professor James Morrow (Skylar Astin) will teach them how to defeat the villain and fight for peace in the kingdom. moviesjoy website is streaming many more horror movies also.