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White Elephant 2022

Title: White Elephant 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Thriller
IMDB Rating: 4.2/10
Quality: HD
Language: English
Directors: Jesse V. Johnson
Writer: Jesse V. Johnson, Erik Martinez, Katharine Lee McEwan
Stars: Lorenzo Antonucci, Lincoln Brown, Eric Buarque
Synopsis: Jesse V. Johnson is the best director of action movies working today. And his latest film, White Elephant 2022. The best chance to add another memorable addition to the list of credits. Or at least one that is memorable for good reason. Gabriel Tancredi (Michael Rooker) is an informant working for Arnold (Bruce Willis). They have Carlos (Vadhir Derbez) deal with an opponent who will not negotiate. He handles the case, but a pair of police, Vanessa (Olga Kurylenko) and his partner Walter Koschek (Michael Rose) see him fleeing. Arnold gave Gabriel and Carlos forty-eight hours to look after the problem. And they get the job done quickly and easily. But ending it may be more than they expected. He attacks Vanessa’s house, which has the effect of starting a power struggle between the local mob. There is more action in the first half-hour of this film than in the full length of Willis’ recent films. Gabriel’s conscience has been troubling him since his wife’s death. Carlos is a young hotshot ready to make his mark. Some dirty cops, dangerous friends, and a crooked lawyer quoting Greek history (John Malkovich) and shake it up nicely. Willis is actually quite polite in White Elephant to answer the question I all know. He also gets into action when his life’s attempt takes his wife Tomi (Lauren Buglioli) out instead. There are moments where he gets out of it or gets bored, although in the hospital scenes he was probably trying to show Arnold’s mental numbness about what just happened. Moviesjoy is one of the best and most visited sites on the internet free of cost, here you will also get all episodes for free.