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American Siege 2021

Title: American Siege 2021
Genres: 2021 Movies | Action, Thriller
IMDB Rating: 4.3/10
Quality: HD
Language: English
Directors: Edward Drake
Writer: Edward Drake, Corey Large
Stars: Bruce Willis, Rob Gough, Timothy V. Murphy
Synopsis: American Siege 2021 is a Thriller film that appears to be a highlight reel of its action scenes. The story for this film was developed by Corey Large, while the script was written by Edward Drake, who also directed the film. The shooting for this film took barely 8 days. The plot has something to do with the murder of someone’s sister. The plot then begins with Roy (Rob Gough) being released from jail. He meets Grace Baker (Anna Hindman) and they begin bickering before picking up her brother Toby Baker (Johann Urb) and the quarrel becomes a three-way one. All of the reasons point to Kane (Joe Munroe) as the slain girl’s boyfriend, with the other two being her siblings. And vengeance is on their minds. In this case, Dr. John Keats (Cullen G. Chambers). Get into Sheriff Ben Watts’ (Bruce Willis’) car and prepare for a long, tedious, time-consuming trip through Georgia for the safety he has paid for. Kyle Rutledge (Trevor Gretzky), his deputy, is a moron who forgets his pistol when he stops for donuts and whose father is Mayor Charles Rutledge (Timothy V. Murphy). Marisa Lewis (Janet Jones), Watts’ second deputy, is, of course, his girlfriend. Movies Joy Streaming Site is having a great collection of trending 2021 Hollywood films, stay tuned for 2022 films too.