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Title: Nightfire
Genres: 2022 Movies | Short, Action, Thriller
IMDB Rating: 5.6/10
Quality: HD
Language: English
Directors: Brando Benetton
Writer: Brando Benetton, Los Silva
Stars: Patricia Velasquez, Robert LaSardo, Edy Ganem
Synopsis: Carter and Ross are two CIA agents tasked with going to Ukraine to obtain computer chips with top secret information. They head to a military prison and as they search for Chips, they find Olivetti, an Italian political prisoner who was held captive. The two decide to not only retrieve the chips but help Olivetti escape from prison. When they both succeed, Carter begins to suspect that something is up when they return to Italy. When Carter’s boss refuses to tell him, he suddenly decides to find out but soon discovers that something big is in store. As for the agents, Lorenzo Pisoni is excellent as the conflicted and more level-headed Agent Carter, who begins to suspect that something is up. As for Greg Hayden, his agent Ross is more strict and doesn’t seem to care about Olivetti at all. That is until things take a turn in the middle. The film then culminates in well-shot chase/shootout sequences that would make any action film fan proud and if that’s not enough, wait until the final moments of the film as they are quite jaw-dropping. Nightfire is a very interesting short film that could double as a pilot for a potential action series. Dylan Baker really drives the film as the political prisoner who comes between the two agents and their mission. The excitement from start to finish. The best Free Movies Joy website has made it very easy for all the visitors who like to watch the latest films online on their mobiles.