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Mowgli Legend of the Jungle 2018

Title: Mowgli Legend of the Jungle 2018
Genres: 2018 Movies, Adventure, Drama
Language: English
Directors: Andy Serkis
Writer: Callie Kloves , Rudyard Kipling
Stars: Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Benedict Cumberbatch

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Synapsis: The film focuses on the journey of Mowgli who, as a child, is raised by a pack of wolves in the heart of the Indian jungle. While learning the often harsh laws of the jungle, under the responsibility of the Baloo bear and the Bagheera panther, Mowgli is accepted by the jungle animals as one of their – except by the terrible tiger Shere Khan . But much more dangerous dangers await our hero, at the moment when he has to face his human origins Mowgli: the legend of the jungle. moviesjoy 2018 Movie online like this without any download.