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Jiu Jitsu 2020

Title: Jiu Jitsu 2020
Genres: 2020 Movies | Action, Fantasy
IMDB Rating: 6.2/10
Quality: HD
Language: English
Directors: Dimitri Logothetis
Writer: Dimitri Logothetis, Jim McGrath
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Marie Avgeropoulos, Frank Grillo
Synopsis: Free Latest Hollywood movie Jiu Jitsu 2020. The movie story was taking place when famed war hero Jake Barnes (Alain Moussi) is defeated by Brax, the indomitable leader of the invaders. And the future of humanity hangs in the balance. Injured and suffering from amnesia, Jake is saved by Wylie (Nicolas Cage), Keung, and his team of fellow Jiu Jitsu fighters. They must help Jake regain his strength to reunite and defeat Brax in an epic battle that will once again determine the fate of humanity. You can watch moviesjoy online movies by streaming directly or downloading them for when you’re not on Wi-Fi.