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Jewel 2022

Title: Jewel 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Drama
IMDB Rating: 3.2/10
Quality: HD
Language: English
Directors: Adze Ugah
Writer: Glenrose Ndlovu, Adze Ugah
Stars: Michelle Botes, Connie Chiume, Chris Djuma
Synopsis: The Jewel 2022 opens with a middle-aged white photographer from Cape Town, Tyra Black (Michelle Botes), visiting the site of the 1960 Sharpeville massacre. She was born in the area. A fellow tourist on his tour explicitly states that it was the “white guilt” that brought him here to find out how “his people” had provoked the soul of this small town. She exists so we know why Tyra isn’t sure why she’s back she tells jokes about the place and its history so we know a change is near to the end of the apartheid. Initially, Tyra tells the man that she “bats for the other side” – which means she’s supposed to be gay, but it also comes from the wrong side of racism. She sees a local girl, Siya (Nqobile Khumalo), coming out of the river like an angel, and falls in love with her, just as an artist sees a museum. The two women soon form a bond, which was too much for Siya’s jealous boyfriend a young man bitter about the white-police massacre in which his grandmother was killed. A conflict arises. The river plays a major role in this conflict. There are basic issues. For one, Tyra’s nickname – black – is one of the laziest metaphors. Given that Tyra is considered to be ‘finding herself’, the character looks scary, almost like a hunter, in the way she approaches the beautiful Siya. The way she walks down the street with him and convinces Siya to be his “personal tour guide” is a terrible thing. LGBTQ + angle is brave but not organic. It always seems that Tyra is a woman to facilitate the narrative – a man has made it difficult to sell Siya’s sudden belief in a white stranger. There is very little chemistry between the two, and there is no awareness of the real-world consequences of a privileged white woman leaving her tour group to pursue her foreign awakening. The final concept is self-defeating almost vindictive under the guise of deeds. The site mostly and easily available to the viewers is Moviesjoy, they are connected with it for the long term.