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Hot Seat 2022

Title: Hot Seat 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Thriller
IMDB Rating: 3.9/10
Quality: HD
Language: English
Directors: James Cullen Bressack
Writer: Leon Langford, Collin Watts
Stars: Mel Gibson, Shannen Doherty, Kevin Dillon
Synopsis: The Hot Seat 2022 takes on an ever-expanding base and puts it in the IT world. Orlando Friar (Kevin Dillon) is a former hacker who now works in cyber security. A hair-trigger bomb is placed under his chair and he should help the unsuspecting culprit steal digital funds online. As the bomb was not inspiring enough, Frere’s daughter would be abducted if he did not comply. Bomb expert Wallace Reed (Mel Gibson) arrives to resolve the situation. This idea is a popular one, which is theoretically tense. However, if one thing is off, it can ruin the whole movie. Presumably, the main issue can be found in the title of the film. Obviously, the ticking bomb is going to play a big part. Dealing with this issue very quickly can eliminate any dilemmas in the hot seat. Too much waiting can make things difficult. Unfortunately, the story is unable to maintain anxiety throughout its entire runtime. More incongruous than bad, a hot seat never succeeds with the things it really needs. For example, despite Dillon’s strong performance, the film lacks a sense of urgency. A lot of scenes full of verbal fights or keyboard mashing slow things down and ruin the drowning. For the latest Hollywood films, the selected platform is Movies Joy Streaming all the movies online and for free.