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Miss Bala 2019

Title: Miss Bala 2019
Genres: 2019 Movies |Action, Drama, Thriller
IMDB Rating: 5.0/10
Quality: 720p
Language: English
Directors: Catherine Hardwicke
Writer: Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer
Stars: Gina Rodriguez, Thomas Dekker, Vivian Chan

Miss Bala movie about the girl life, Gloria (Gina Rodriguez) is a model that spends her life spending the night in Mexico while fighting to be the queen of beauty. Suddenly she witnesses a crime and becomes one of the few witnesses of it, for which the criminal organization kidnaps her. Instead of getting rid of it, the band decides to make Gloria one more and introduce her into a world full of weapons and a lot of violence. At first she feels imprisoned but over time she will be infected by the criminal environment in which she has been involved. American remake of the Mexican film of the same name in 2011. See more action movies online without membership.