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American Badger 2021

Title: American Badger 2021
Genres: 2021 Movies | Action
IMDB Rating: 3.4/10
Quality: HD
Language: English
Directors: Kirk Caouette
Writer: Kirk Caouette
Stars: Kirk Caouette, Andrea Stefancikova, Michael Kopsa
Synopsis: American Badger 2021 is the new action film in which Kirk Caouette has done story writing, direction, and also leading role too. Hitman Dean (Kirk Caouette) is famous for his name Badger, his ex-wife gave him before her death. After her death, he starts living a solitary life and also started avoiding other people as all American Badgers do. In 4451 days he has not even spoken a single word to anyone except his Handler. For the new project allotted to him, he has to change himself. In that assignment, his target is to collect information about the Albanian gang. For that, he has to do make call girl Velvet / Marcella Horvathova (Andrea Stefancikova) his friend because she is working for that gang from so long. Vasily (Michael Kopsa) the boss of an Albanian gang and his family has very close relations with Velvet. But now the story has to take a turn, Dean is not good at making friends because after her wife’s death he hasn’t talked to anyone from 4451 days, and now he has to do a friendship. But when he has to follow the orders for his job he is excellent at that. So for his assignment, he keeps all his initial objections aside and moved forward with his job. Watching Full Movie can only answer your questions, How will he behave in front of her? and Is he will be successful in making her, his friend? New Hollywood films are available to watch online on Free Movies Joy streaming platform in 1080p video quality.