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All The Old Knives 2022

Title: All The Old Knives 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Thriller
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10
Quality: HD
Language: English
Directors: Janus Metz
Writer: Olen Steinhauer
Stars: Goksin Erdemli, Kasia Madera, Chris Pine
Synopsis: In early 2020, CIA agent Henry Pelham (Chris Pine) was notified by his supervisor, Vick Wallinger (Laurence Fishburne), that the CIA had reopened the case of a terrorist hijacking of Turkish Airlines 127 in 2012. The headquarters suspects that a leak occurred at the Vienna station where Henry and Vick work. Celia Harrison (Thandiwe Newton), who also worked at the Vienna station during the hijacking, has been assigned to Henry. Henry and Celia were lovers, but he broke up with her soon after the incident. Celia is currently retired and resides in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, with her family. Henry discovers her at a high-rise restaurant that is mostly vacant of diners and workers. Celia tells Henry that an Austrian intelligence operative called Karl Stein (Corey Johnson) approached her shortly after she departed for Carmel. He was tempted to notify his coworkers, but he refrained. Henry recalls Celia’s kidnapping. Flight 127 was on the runway in 2012 when it was hijacked by four armed terrorists from an Islamic extremist group. To deal with the problem, the Vienna station mobilizes and discovers that Ilyas Shushani (Orli Shuka), a Chechen and Henry’s old source, may be implicated. The hijackers threatened to murder the passengers unless many of their accomplices were released. Ahmed, a CIA courier on board, called the CIA and advised that the ship’s undercarriage be attacked. Celia meets with a prospective source called Mohammed Dudayev (Nasser Memarzia), but the encounter proves fruitless. Henry informs Celia and his adviser, Bill Compton (Jonathan Pryce), that following the terrorist incident, his superiors ordered him to betray the Russian government while he was working in Moscow. Moviesjoy Website also has so many trending Web series streaming online for you, enjoy watching all episodes for free here.