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Alice 2022

Title: Alice 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Drama
IMDB Rating: 4.4/10
Quality: HD
Language: English
Directors: Krystin Ver Linden
Writer: Krystin Ver Linden
Stars: Keke Palmer, Common, Jonny Lee Miller
Synopsis: On the soundtrack, the voice of a black lady may be heard. We don’t often see this vocalist on film, but her goal is always to bring attention to the dark sorrows. This time, she’s singing as she rattles the master’s porch. The body of the guy attempting to run is partially concealed in the backdrop, allowing an image of any power to be plundered. Paul Bennet (Jonny Lee Miller) directs his chef, Alice (Keke Palmer), to see the deceased. He tells her that it occurs when she is unfaithful. Before raping Alice, Bennet trained her to read so she could read to him every Sunday. Alice is beaten, dragged, and tied to a pole before making a horrible face. Bennet urinates on her face before being released. When Alice slips a shattered piece of glass into her slave’s eye before departing, the bridegroom’s camera is humiliated. This is a foreshadowing that the trailer’s promised righteous dark vengeance would be very unsatisfying. “Alice” is unconcerned about the African-American audience and is sick of scenes of enslavement and oppression. Instead, it is unwilling to punish white viewers who identify as racist sympathizers. Such a film should make them uncomfortable. This would occur if it was built in the year it occurred. Free Movies Joy Website is the most recommended and easily available website, here you will get new movies daily to watch online.